Vimeo Everywhere Plugin

Display your public Vimeo videos, albums or channels on a WordPress website.  Use the shortcode generator to place your videos on pages, posts or custom post types.  Use the admin panel to place your videos in the dashboard (for example, make a learning center for your clients).  Use the widget to put a video list in the sidebar.

Vimeo Everywhere is a plugin our clients have had access to for a couple years.  I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning it up and releasing it.  The plugin drops in a WordPress dashboard menu for displaying videos from your Vimeo account.  We use this for training videos.  It allows us to make and update WordPress training videos from our Vimeo account and all of our clients benefit.  Because it pulls directly from our Vimeo account, the videos are updated without us having to update the plugin.

In addition to the dashboard videos I added a widget for listing videos from your public albums.  There’s also a shortcode generator for dropping in single videos, albums, or channels to your pages or posts.

You can register a different account for your dashboard videos.  This allows us to call in our training video account while still letting our clients to use their own account for displaying videos on their website.

You can get the plugin at github or WordPress

Here are some screenshots

The first step is to call in scripts and register settings
Then we build the settings page.

Next we build the shortcode and the generator for dropping in the shortcode
Build a place to display the dashboard videos. This script allows the users to select the title and location of this page. It allows the admins to customize the best experience for their clients.

Finally, we build the widget


  1. Excellent plug-in that gave me what I needed. I thought I read somewhere that there is a pro version, no? I am giving this plug-in 5 stars on Thank you for some great code.

  2. Hi Michael, thank you for a wonderful plugin! I am using your plugin successfully, but the thumbnails are all automatically generated in a 4 by 3 aspect-ratio, when as far as I can tell I have changed all settings in the code of the Vimeo Everywhere plugin to a 16 by 9 aspect-ratio (and I’m setting each vimeo thumbnail on vimeo to 16 by 9 also). It seems from looking at the source of each thumbnail image that it is coming from Vimeo’s server, for example: (the 200 at the end of the URL structure seems to direct the thumbnails to be 200 px wide). However, Vimeo support affirms that this is not being caused by Vimeo, it’s a setting in the plugin. I am using the Vimeo Everywhere plugin to embed three albums I’ve created each on a page on the website. What setting is cropping the thumbnails to be 4 by 3 aspect-ratio on my website? Thank you very much for any input.

  3. After last wordpress update Vimeo Everywhere plugin does not work. This is best plugin ever.

  4. Thanks for the great plugin. Just what I was looking for. I really like the use of the media section to insert the short code. I ran across some issues with my install though that I had to fix. I’m running 3.9.1 with a custom theme. I wanted to share my fixes to such a useful plugin.

    1) The video was showing up under the Shadow.
    -fix: added #TB_window{z-index:9999999 !important;} to my child theme

    2) “undefined” was showing up in the short code when inserting an individual video or album
    -fix: had to edit pyd-shortcode.php line 341 and removed channel_id from the string concat. Not sure why it is undefined, but videos work with out it.

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