Vimeo Everywhere Plugin


Display your public Vimeo videos, albums or channels on a WordPress website.  Use the shortcode generator to place your videos on pages, posts or custom post types.  Use the admin panel to place your videos in the dashboard (for example, make a learning center for your clients).  Use the widget to put a video list in the sidebar. Vimeo Everywhere is a plugin our clients have had access to for a couple years.  I've finally gotten around to cleaning it up and releasing it.  The plugin drops in a … [Continue reading]

Christopher Wilocki Photography Website

Christopher Wilocki Photography Home

The Christopher Wilocki Photography website build is a custom WordPress site using the Genesis Framework as a base.  It gave Christopher a responsive design to easily update his photos.  For this website I built a custom section for uploading and categorizing photos.  All that needs to be done is upload a photo and tell it what category to go in, the rest is taken care of.  The menu bar and pages are then built off of these categories.  So, when a new category is made a menu item is added and … [Continue reading]

First Presbyterian Church Nashville Website

FPC Nashville Home page

First Presbyterian Church Nashville is a custom design by Khanh Lam, photography by Craig Downey, copy by Sam Greenlee and Wendy Mohler, logo by Christina Smith (check out the options she created, logo set 1, logo set 2) and lots of testing and misc … [Continue reading]

Triennium Website

Triennium Home

Triennium is an event that happens every three years on the Purdue University campus.  Image thousands of high school age people taking over a college campus for a week in the summer.  Yeah, it's a blast.  As a teenager I went to two of these events … [Continue reading]

Worship Times Website

Worship Times Home

Originally a ministry project of Poka Yoke Design, Worship Times has since broken off into its own company.  The concept is simple, create beautiful, easy use, robust, and open-source websites.  There are lots of companies that build proprietary … [Continue reading]

Poka Yoke Design Website

Poka Yoke Design Staff

Khanh Lam and I started Poka Yoke Design in 2008 as a custom web and print design company.  Like any small business there have been lots of learning opportunities, but the ride has been amazing.  I'm proud to call this company "home."  The website is … [Continue reading]

Pennington Presbyterian Church Website

Pennington Presbyterian Church Home

This is one of my favorite church home pages to-date.  It includes a clean design with great photography from Craig Downey, a welcome message from the pastor, and all the relevant content a visitor needs.  Clean and simple.  This is a Woo Theme … [Continue reading]

Highschoogle Website

Highschoogle Home Page

Highschoogle is a website geared towards high school and early college age.  Highschoogle gathers relevant content from around the internet for their readers several times a day.  This WordPress website is a custom build based off of a design by … [Continue reading]

Safe 4 Retirement Website

Safe 4 Retirement Home

To coincide with Jack Tatar's book, Safe 4 Retirement, this website was a rework of a StudioPress theme on WordPress.  Khanh Lam of Poka Yoke Design did the coloring and logo.  Blog heavy, this website focuses on new content and includes SEO … [Continue reading]

Newtown Presbyterian Church Website

Newtown Presbyterian Church Image Gallery

The Newtown Presbyterian Church website was one of my first custom WordPress builds on Genesis by StudioPress (affiliate link).  Since then I've never looked back, it's an amazing framework.  This is a custom design by Khanh Lam of Poka Yoke Design … [Continue reading]

Presbytery of Philadelphia Website

Presbytery of Philadelphia Church Finder

The Presbytery of Philadelphia is a custom design by Khanh Lam of Poka Yoke Design and was built on WordPress.  This website features a church finder for local congregations, job board, blog, upcoming events, and a tie into a resource … [Continue reading]

Turquoise Interior Design Website

Turquoise Furniture Image

The Turquoise interior design website needed to put images at the front and let everything else fade to the background.  Built as a custom site on WordPress, the front page consists of one large image rotators that changes out often as new press or … [Continue reading]

Covenant Network of Presbyterians Website

Covenant Network Page

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians was originally designed by Adam Walker Cleaveland on WordPress.  I took over the management of the site in 2011 and have since rebuilt the website as a custom Genesis (affiliate link) theme.  It utilizes CSS3 to … [Continue reading]

Princeton Ad Fontes Website

Princeton Ad Fontes Contact Page

Princeton Theological Seminary did a project that took the reader through Calvin's Institutes in one year.  It was a great project to develop because it involved lots of custom database work and brought in readers from all around the world.  The … [Continue reading]

Two Friars and a Fool Website

Two Friars and a Fool About Page

Hands down, LOVE these guys.  Two Friars and a Fool are a great group of guys that publish fun and thought provoking content. The website is a custom design by Nick Larson and is built on WordPress.  We added custom tie-ins to Vimeo for the video … [Continue reading]

Grade A Fresh Blog

Grade A Fresh Secondary Page

The Grade A Fresh blog was one of the first builds I worked on with Khanh Lam as Poka Yoke Design.  Originally set as a food blog for Quan Lam, it was a custom build with the WordPress 2010 theme as the base.  Since then the blog has switched over to … [Continue reading]

SmugMug Responsive Slider

SmugMug is a great photo service.  While I've been a Flickr user since they opened their doors, lately they've been acting like the fat 40 year-old who wont shut up about how great they were in High School.  SmugMug is a younger company, but has … [Continue reading]

Google Calendar Shortcode

Here is a simple way to add a Google Calendar to your WordPress page or post. Instead of trying to add an iFrame, this plugin will allow you to use a shortcode instead. Giving you a more reliable calendar. The plugin can be downloaded here or you … [Continue reading]

WordCamp NYC

Below is a Prezi of my 2012 NYC WordCamp presentation.  If the below embed is not working, you can view it at Prezi here … [Continue reading]

Google Maps Widget and Shortcode


iframes suck.  That's really all that needs to be said.  But, for a lot of our favorite programs the easy option is to drop in an iframe to display content (I'm looking at you Facebook and Google).  A lot of our support tickets involve admins trying … [Continue reading]

Simple Podcasting Plugin


One of the most requested features we get is Podcasting.  People want a simple means for adding audio or video to their website and then have it display on iTunes.  There are lots of good solutions available in the plugin repository, but I've found … [Continue reading]

Let’s give this a shot

Ok, so as usual I am  late to the party; I guess this "blogging thing" isn't a fad. :) Besides the fact that I hate writing, I just never had enough to say to justify a full blown blog.  What I am going to attempt to do is not ground breaking, and … [Continue reading]

Association of Practical Theology Website

APT Blog Image

The Association of Practical Theology website is a minimalist design, built on the WordPress 2010 theme with minor design work.  Khanh Lam of Poka Yoke Design created the header image and we dropped in a custom background.  The real work on this site … [Continue reading]

Kenda Dean Website

Kenda Dean Bio Page

Just before Kenda published Almost Christian her publisher requested that she have a website.  As a current student of hers, I was elated to help and jumped at the chance.  The website is a full customized design by Khanh Lam of Poka Yoke Design and … [Continue reading]

Youth Ministry Architects Website

YMA Staff Page

Youth Ministry Architects (YMA), led by Mark DeVries, does an amazing job consulting and resourcing youth ministries.  The website is a custom design and built on WordPress.  It includes a store, blog, social media integration, and job bank.  YMA has … [Continue reading]